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Grace. Grow. Genuine

Grace is unmerited favor given to us by God, once we understand that God's grace is enough we can move from our state of stagnation and unworthiness.

When we accept GRACE we can take the necessary steps to GROW; the more we grow the more GENUINE we become. 


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Grace. Grow. Genuine

What is Christian Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a dynamic partnership that helps you gain clarity, explore possibilities, regain focus, and make confident decisions. Coaching empowers you to discover and live the life you were designed to live; with Christ being the center.

Coaching focus:

Spiritual Growth

Work Life Balance


Life Purpose

Leadership/Ministry Development

Meet  Shanika

The Grace Coach

Coach Shanika Knight is a woman who loves life and everything that it has to offer. As Ceo & Founder of SKGNetwork, Shanika's goal is to help as many women as she can experience the amazing journey of Grace, Growth and Genuine Living. 


Shanika dedicates herself as Christian Life Coach helping women reach their highest potential in life by assisting them on their journey of emotional and spiritual wellness.


The same way God met Shanika where she was and brought her to greater; She meets her clients where they are and helps them get to where they need to be!

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What Clients Are Saying...

I’m grateful for Coach Shanika and this program. I’m grateful for the accountability. I was stretched at times, but it was what I needed. She made me feel comfortable. I felt like she really listened to me. I appreciate her transparency and I love that she coaches from a biblical point of view.

Shanika immediately puts you at ease with her calming demeanor. I appreciated the time she took from the very beginning, to understand my challenges and my goals. Her authenticity and honest "tough love" approach challenged me to think differently, face my own limiting beliefs and get to the root cause of my issues. She also affirmed my strengths and helped me use them to move forward. This helped reshape my perspective and take action steps to eliminating a lot of the negativity that was holding me back-including negative people and relationships. Healing and forgiveness with boundaries was the core of what she taught me and I am forever grateful. She was also readily available when I needed to talk or needed a bible verse to pray on. Nights, weekends, it didn't matter! I always knew she was just a text message away. That made such a difference.

Cat Bird
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