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Passionate, devoted, candid, and full of integrity! 

Coach Shanika Knight is a woman who loves life and everything that it has to offer. Life is never a walk in the park, however, she views life's journey as a  never-ending classroom full of lessons. These lessons allowed her to recognize and understand God's Grace, helped her Grow, and forced her to be Genuine! From Shanika's personal life struggles,  financial issues, depression, and more, life hasn’t always been easy but it has been the ultimate teacher.

Through all of her struggles and pain, Shanika always knew that God’s promise of abundant life was true and would soon grace her with its presence. She didn’t know when or how to find it or how it was going to find her but she relentlessly pursued it until God's unspeakable joy became her own. Sadness was replaced by a genuine smile, pain was replaced with a mended heart, and anger was replaced with pure joy!

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