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Our goal is to build a network of women who are walking in grace, growing and living geuinely.


he “G” Network is an organization dedicated to the emotional and spiritual well-being of women. Priding ourselves on helping women to embrace the Grace that has been granted to us by God, Grow in that grace, and be able to live a true genuine life, comfortable in their own skin. With no fear!


The overall objective is to build a network of women who are walking in GRACE, GROWING, and living GENUINELY; simply because they have overcome and survived the twists, turns, and transitions that life threw their way through Christ, and now want to share their stories and triumphs to build up and strengthen other women to do the same manner.

The G network offers a series of ways to reach out to women, encourage and build them up. A couple of those tools are our monthly devotionals, digital download resources, mentorship, and our quarterly "Genuine Girl" chats, where we come together as women to discuss and share those things that normally do not discuss. These meet-ups have become the highlight of our organization.

My passion for women and their emotional and spiritual well-being runs deep, so I have dedicated myself to doing whatever it takes to help women grow, one step at a time.

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